Rie Asai's 4th album scheduled to be released on July 18, 2024!

The second CD in the love amore series of Rie Asai, a koto princess who is active all over the world.


The second CD in the Ai amore series by Rie Asai, a koto princess who is active all over the world, has been proudly completed.
Performance at St. Stephen's Cathedral, a world heritage site, in Vienna, Austria on September 16, 2022. Audience with the 266th Pope Francis in Vatican City on October 20, 2023. Then, on January 11, 2024, we will return home in triumph to Nagoya for the final tour.
The event will be held at Denki Bunka Kaikan's "The Concert Hall'' to a packed audience.
This time, the final concert of this tour will be packaged with the same excitement as the venue.
The members of Nagoya Virtosen, who were in charge of the orchestra in the previous work "Ai Amore" and also accompanied the Vatican's official invitation performance, will reunite to brighten up the tone of Rie Asai, the world's koto princess.

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Koto artist Rie Asai
Koto Artist Rie Asai "Purification"

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recorded music

  1. La Campanella, composed by F. Liszt
  2. Richtrach Polka Composed by Johann Strauss II
  3. Story of the Vienna Woods Composed by Johann Strauss II
  4. Story of the Vienna Woods Composed by Johann Strauss II
  5. Path to God Composed by Rie Asai
    1st movement Awakening
    2nd movement Lamentation
    3rd movement Message for Peace
    4th movement Purification
  6. Prayer for Peace Composed by Rie Asai
    1st movement Towards the Light
    2nd movement Wishing Jewel
    3rd movement Peaceful Waves

<release date>
July 18, 2024

¥3,300(tax included)

<Participating artists>

Koto: Rie Asai

■Nagoya Virtuosen ▶︎ https://virtuosen.jp/

Violin: Toshiko Yaguchi
Violin: Kinuyo Inoue
Viola: Naoko Ishibashi
Cello: Ayako Iwata
Double bass: Ayako Sadoya
Clarinet: Kyo Inoue
Oboe: Saka Inayoshi
Piano: Atsuko Yamamoto

Rie Asai Profile

Koto artist, composer, and creator. First stage performance at the age of 3. He has been active in the entertainment industry as a child actor since childhood. He has appeared in numerous media such as NHK's "Japanese Music Moments," Cambodia's Byron TV, Aichi Prefecture's "Kigei Essence - Aichi's Esprit," and Fujingaho's "Beautiful Kimono."

As a composer, he has produced hit songs in recent years. Rie Asai's composition ``Prayer of Peace'' has been internationally acclaimed as a prayer song, and has been invited to perform from all over the world. He has been active in global activities such as St. Stephen's Cathedral, a world heritage site, Asakusa Shrine, and Tsubaki Grand Shrine, as well as dedicated performances.

Studied koto and sangen under his mother, Daimiko Asai, head of the koto music Chikage group (Regional Cultural Meritorious Person, Aichi Prefecture Award).

He has been active as a global artist, performing in 15 countries around the world, including the Cambodian Arts and Cultural Festival commemorating the 60th anniversary of ASEAN, the Vienna State Opera Japan Cultural Festival commemorating the 150th anniversary of Japan and Austria, and St. Stephen's Cathedral, a world heritage site. Completed MBA with Distinction, Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Wales, UK; completed research studentship, Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo. Japan Foundation Japan-America Center NPO Fellow. Received the Minister of Foreign Affairs Award from the Junior Chamber of Japan Human Power Award.

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Japanese Traditional Culture Academy
Phone: 070-1710-7887
Email: info@ajc.academy